Olemme lopettaneet ajot toistaiseksi. - Yritys on myynnissä. We stopped operations for now. info@vintagetaxi.fi


1-2 persons
Commonly 1.55 €/km


3-4 persons
Commonly 1.87 €/km

Starting Fee

Weekdays 6-20, Sat 6-16
Commonly 5.90 €

Starting Fee

Weekdays 20-6, Sat 16-6, Sun
Commonly 9.00 €

You can order us to anywhere in Finland order@vintagetaxi.fi or +358 40 960 8333, for exanple wedding reception or any party, charter or other occasion, or if you just simply want to give vintage-experience to you loved one(s). We can agree total price for whole packet, including trip Jyväskylä-your city-Jyväskylä and driving(s) there in your city. Please make the order on time and you will get best time available for your occasion.

Or you can order us in Jyväskylä for normal trip to or back from center or any shorter ride as well. Remember we are always more than -15% cheaper. Call 040 960 8333 and order us, anytime.

When we drive wit meter, our rates are ALWAYS and in the whole country MORE THAN -15% cheaper than commonrates are, our prices also includes VAT 10%.

You can order us to your happenings, weddings and parties with separately agreed and tailored prices only for you, all our rates include VAT 10%. On these special occasion-drives we always agree the price beforehand and will not drive by the meter. We can also drive these drives without taxi-sign on roof, if required.

For example 1-2 persons Jyväskylä –> Helsinki-Vantaa airport (or vice versa), bargained one-off price is only 390.00 €, including all taxes and fees. We can always use meter to mesure the cost of this drive, if you want that way.

1-4 persons Jyväskylä Center –> Tikkakoski airport (or vice versa), one-off price only 40.00 € *), includes VAT 10%. We can always also use meter to mesure the cost of this drive, if you want that way.

1-4 persons Sightseeing in and around Jyväskylä (Caity Center, Harju, 2014 House-Exhibition Area, Kuokkala Bridge, Laajavuori), length 1.5 hours, one-off price only 95.00 €, includes VAT 10%. If you want longer sightseeing or more to see, we can always agree the price for that. We can always also use meter to mesure the cost of this drive, if you want that way.

Ask us, and lets negotiate good deal for you and your friends, please book early **)



*) If you preorder, you can be sure that car is in your place on time, preorder-extrafee is only 6.00 € (Commonly 7.10 €)

**) Sometimes our cars are so busy that we sometimes cannot take all the orders, so please order early, we always serve earliest reservation first.