045 7877 7787 (Ajamme pe-la öisin klo 18-06. / We are driving on Fri-Sat nights 18-06.) info@vintagetaxi.fi

My name is Tero Takamaa (in picture), about 51 years old daddy from Central Finland. My wife Chaweewan “Jum” Takamaa (in picture) has been supporting me and we have been married already over 15 years. Suomen VintageTaxi.fi Oy Ltd. was established in 2016 as a family business, where we take care of all customer-transportations with classic year model 2002-2006 Mercedes-Benz quality cars of excellent condition serving our customers with best possible means. I have taken official taxidriver training on 2012, and I have experience in taxi driving for about six years now. All our drivers speak fluent finnish and fluent english and a valid taxidriver licence is always with driver in a car. All our drivers are required to have taken the drivers training and pass Trafi tests for taxi driving, and are having official driving licence also always with them. Our company is official taxi-transporation company, operating under all the laws in Finland with taximeter and debit/credit-card online reader in every car and yellow taxi-sign on the roof stating a car number and text “VintageTaxi.fi”.

We are ALWAYS very inexpensive, usually much more inexpensive than other taxis commonly in Finland.

Suomen VintageTaxi.fi Oy Ltd.
VAT-Number 2760876-1
Avainkuja 5
40530 Jyväskylä
+358 45 7877 7787

We accept all the most common payment methods – online payment system, including receipt:
Cash, Visa Debit/Credit, Visa Electron, Mastercard Debit/Credit, Maestro, Amex, Diner’s Club and also billing for agreement customers.

Welcome aboard, we start drives again latest on Wed 1st of Aug, 2018.